51 children safe from clutches of harm, human trafficking after Genesee County sweep
Drew Moore | Tuesday, October 9, 2018 -- 11:04 PM EDT
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Why are the names of those responsible so difficult to find?

***Article first published by 'NBC 25 News' on June 14, 2018***

GENESEE COUNTY, Mich. --Fifty-one kids are now out of harm’s way, thanks to a huge effort from multiple police agencies in Genesee County.

They conducted a county-wide sweep on Thursday looking for dozens of missing children.

The officers’ main goal was to talk to or get information on how to find 76 children in Genesee County that may have fallen through the cracks, specifically kids who have gone absent from school, missing from foster care or are currently in the court system.

The goal was to find them and make sure they're safe and have the support system they need so they don't fall into trouble.

Investigators believe that five but as many as 10 of the children were either involved with or could have fallen into sex trafficking.

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell says the effort was successful, and that officers will continue to work until the rest are located.

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