A Fitting End
Citizen Kane | Friday, January 20, 2017 -- 7:32 AM EST
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Suck it

Remember when Donald Trump was inaugurated President and was given the Nobel peace prize? Me neither. Guess who did get the peace prize before having done anything – anything meaning before absolutely setting fire to the world, knowingly creating and arming ISIS, launching many wars, bombing like a mad bomber and so on and so forth. You guessed it! Our dear leader, former President of the United States Barrack Hussein Obama.

Most people are acquainted with that fact. When he awarded himself and his former Vice President, Joe Biden, medals at the end of his presidency the media and even the people who call themselves Democrats were fawning over him, it was not only fitting given how his presidency began, but it really cemented the legacy that he holds so dear: the most arrogant President that we have ever had will not relinquish his, or his zombies', delusions until he destroys himself, his delusional followers, and those associated with him.

Now that might be putting it a little bluntly, but it's honest and true nevertheless. A man just lit himself on fire in protest of Trump's inauguration citing the reason that Trump will not respect the Constitution, in the future. Meaning Trump has literally not even taken office or done anything and this guy is so gung ho about the Constitution that he is going to light himself on fire to demonstrate how much of a bad mabajama for the Constitution he is and Trump is not; because of what he thinks Trump will do.

One might ask, 'where the hell has he been for the past eight years while Obama, the Constitutional law expert, has literally been the President who has done most to undermine the Constitution in American history? Why isn't this guy already ashes in an urn?' Maybe he has been too busy suckling on the 'teet' of the mainstream media that's feeding him his delusions.

Maybe this is the case for many people. OK. That's fair. There are also going to be the die hards who are full well aware of the media's hypocrisy and go along with whatever maniacal means for some convoluted ends and those people will always be dealt with in their own kind. But there is a significant portion of the population that, no matter how much reason and evidence you bring to the conversation, simply will not entertain any argument or evidence that contradicts their fantasy. Usually, it's because there is one issue that is so pertinent to themselves that they feel so fully committed to whichever candidate has done a better job of associating or dissociating his or herself with that issue.

Doing any kind of hedonistic calculus or taking into account any kind of nicomachean ethical considerations is just far too much trouble; kind of like entertaining alternate perspectives is just to much of a laborious task. It's just easier to label everyone racist or dumb. 'It's just easier if the plebs are stuck debating irrelevant minutia rather than policy.' After all, it would be difficult to get reelected if everyone knew about all the corrupt, dumb things they did while in office. I'm just thankful the Marco Rubios of Washington DC are there to remind us that being a philosopher doesn't pay as much; doesn't funnel as much resources to and for the glory of Rome. Its not like we actually want a functioning democratic Republic, just the appearance of one. We all know that us plebs never get faced with meaningful ethical philosophical quandaries of any magnitude that carry the weight and responsibilities of the dignified dignitaries in Washington DC; our job is to be a good slave and leave it to better men.

A helpless child tells Obama to screw himself

Case in point, the DC burning man and all of Obama's adoring supporters who were so fervently critical of Bush and his policies and wars and yet were balling during Obama's farewell address, during which he made sure to run through all of his great achievements that personify his legacy, which he holds so dear; and Trump can't be President because HE is a the narcissist.

It doesn't matter if the guy chose to take actions that – despite all efforts to make it appear as though the opposite were truehe knew would see to the rise of ISIS, which would later be critical in operations to oust Libyan President Muammar Gaddaffi overthrow democratically elected candidates like Syrian President Bashar Assad, destabilizing the entire Middle East and Europe while simultaneously compromising American security by not securing the border and importing tens of thousands of unverified refugees into the US, because 'why stop funding terrorists? Why not live in a world without borders? Borders are for fascists; so 20th century.'

But I forgot, ISIS is the 'JV team' that caught us all by 'surprise.'

The Revolt

The Republican party has effectively begun to respond to this kind of associative manipulation by electing Donald Trump and others who are sick of the ill-gotten tactics employed by people who continually betray their constituents with lies and disinformation. While there still is much work to be done within their party and the electoral system – as evidenced by the unfortunate reelection of war-mongering chiefton Senator Lindsey Grahm – at least we can say that they are making efforts.

Donald Trump has yet to prove himself as far as living up to the promises he made while campaigning, but the people of the Republican party have certainly proven themselves by electing Donald Trump and the views he has purported to represent, views which are in large part a wholesale rejection of the agenda of the Republican establishment. Coincidentally, that agenda doesn't stray too far from the agenda on key issues of the Democrat establishment, but that's another story.

Look at the state of the Democratic party. The Republican establishment did attempt to steal the nomination from Donald Trump, but the Democrat establishment succeeded in stealing the nomination for Hillary Clinton. This was proven in the Wikileaks releases and the story was made just large enough of an issue by the media that it would have been enough to inform Democrats of the treason within their party, despite deliberate attempts to spread disinformation.

With their acquiescence for reasons such as the ones cited earlier, the people of the democratic party have proven that they will allow themselves to be pushed around by their criminal gangster overlords; that their officials are soft. Not only that, with the amount of support they were still able to muster, even from the guy she openly stole it from, it's evident that there is nothing that can compromise their supporters singular objective, which is not even represented by the people they support.

This is in part why Hillary didn't get enough support to win the election. The Democratic party establishment's zealous attitude toward their constituents, arrogant considerations of their opposition and outright pigheadedness when it comes to their own agenda and not the agenda of the people they are supposed to represent, ultimately hints that they are now faced with the decision to either join the real change or die.

Given the continuation of their strategies and rhetoric employed throughout the campaign, as exemplified by various maneuvers by the outgoing administration, and the apparent usurpation of 'the' party by radical communist, spirit cooking savants, it would seem that they have chosen the latter. There must be something that is really driving their commitment; some impending revelation must be looming that to relinquish their 'rule with an iron fist' approach means political death anyways so 'why the hell not?' We can speculate about what impending revelation that will be, but – following the events of what took place throughout the campaign – I think we can expect a new left to emerge that is much more 'reasoned' in the very near future; under which label remains to be seen.

But, back to the story. Yes, Obama's delusion is a fitting end and really does exemplify the present state of his party, but now we have the literal attempt to undermine the victor. They have even gone so far as to bring in elements of our own intelligence apparatus in an attempt to cast doubt over the legitimacy of the democratically elected president, and all this at a time when the country needs to be unified following such a divisive election; fanning the flames of unrest. The intelligence community must be aware of this, so, in the words of General Flynn, “exactly what is the strategy here?”

All of the talk about Russian hacking has really no evidence to support it and ironically the only hacking with any evidence is that of the Obama administration and members of the intelligence community clearly using Homeland Security to attempt to hack into the computer systems of several states during the election, and when they were caught, they said that they were just running 'routine' security analysis at very convenient times! Of course, each of the states legislatures were completely surprised by the actually very abnormal event, for which they were given no notice.

Obama, Clinton and the Democrats continued to press uncorroborated reports of Russian interference in the elections, which the war-mongering neocon, globalist Republican establishment were all too eager to echo. They frantically pushed such 'reports' before the electoral college vote, trying to intimidate electors with CIA briefings for them about the supposed intelligence surrounding – what looney tune Keith Olbermann likes to describe as – a Russian invasion, and now the Director of the CIA is in an open war of words with the President of the United States in the media. Oops. I mean President elect.

I mean, I can honestly say that these people have effectively committed treason on a scale never before seen in the history of our country and I still give these bimbos the benefit of the doubt of being just misguided, useful idiots who are victims of propaganda. I should say that I give that benefit to the general public and not people who are fully aware of their duplicity. I don't go around threatening them with labels of treason as our dear friend Mr Olbermann has done to people who support Trump. And that should illustrate for you the difference between the people in charge.

Still, they continually assert Russian responsibility for the hacks without any actual evidence. Kind of like when Hillary Clinton asserted that 'Russia even hacked into the democratic national committee' when in FACT actual intelligence reports, with evidence, reveal that it was a leak job done by disgruntled Democrat Staffer Seth Rich, as I detailed in part one of this series 'Putting the Reason back into Treason.' Craig Murray, who Wikileaks' Julian Assange confirmed is a 'close friend' of his during an interview with Sean Hannity. If you didn't catch that, this was in effect the wink, wink, nudge, nudge Wikileaks could offer without compromising the integrity of their organization's reputation for not revealing their sources, and thus their future effectiveness.

All of this happens and their genius intel is that the Russians killed Seth Rich to silence him? This is the sorry state of our government.

It is now becoming more apparent that members of our own intelligence apparatuses were responsible for hastily leaking the 'intelligence' report about a Golden Shower, which was later revealed to be a hoax and had no substance. Clearly this hasty move was done for political purposes. I dare say it is not a good sign when our intelligence community is acting as a politicized propaganda outlet.

Despite the outlandish nature of the contents of 'the Dossier' with nebulous sources, the diligent, coherent, and all too lucid John McCain was on the case when he made sure to give the intelligence to the FBI – who was already aware of the report, and its farcical nature – straight away. I think we can all safely say that Christopher Steele, the man behind bringing attention to this 'intelligence,' is an American hero.

The Obama administration demonstrating the ability of the CIA and other intelligence organizations to be mobilized for politicized domestic operations is really now proving to bring about another even more fitting end to something that has been plaguing America and the world for decades: a far too powerful executive branch.

The reality is that, despite their vain offerings and feigned adoration for democracy and freedom, the globalist controlled US has an extended track record of using the CIA for overthrowing freely held democratic elections oversees in favor of a dictator they can maneuver more readily and favorably for their own agenda. So much for faith in democracy and freedom that brings us security. And now, they have apparently turned those same tactics on our own country, in large part because the agenda of the Trump administration is to countermand the globalist actions that have brought nothing but suffering to many throughout the world and will admittedly hand over American sovereignty to an international consortium of financiers, corporations and oligarchs.

This has gotten us to the point we are at right now as a country: On the brink of Civil War, and the media wants you to think that all of a sudden America is back to the 19th century and it's all about ending slavery, racism, and the Nazis. Well it is I guess, just not in the way that they would have the public think.

In Trump's epic press conference last week, following his most epic tweet where he compared the CIA to Nazis, the first thing he addressed was the 'intelligence' leak and suggested that it is coming from within the intelligence community. Afterwards, he lambasted the unnamed, pointed members of the press who irresponsibly ran the false story. Following the turkey basting, a reporter for CNN had a meltdown after Trump wouldn't call on him for a question because, according to the President, CNN is 'Fake News.' I say it was epic because, no matter what your political affiliation, the epic nature of the press conference is undeniable.

Lindsey Graham joined Tucker Carlson last night for an interview, during which he slandered the legitimacy of 'President Elect Donald Trump' based on top secret 'intelligence' that Russia was responsible for the Wikileaks releases, while also asserting that Russia is responsible for the hundreds of thousands of dead Syrians, when in fact Russia just entered into the conflict a little over a year prior to his statement, long after the ISIS Jihadi 'Rebels' wreaked havoc in Syria, Iraq, and North Africa creating the refugee crisis and instigating the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the region.

Now Obama has positioned us for conflict with Russia, positioning US and NATO troops all along Russia's border because of 'Russian aggression' and attempts to undermine the sovereignty of neighboring countries and the burning constitutional defenders and anti-war champions who are the Obama die-hards are coming out of the woodwork parroting the talking point that Trump is the one who is going to get us into World War III; Trump, who's first trip as president will be to Russia to negotiate peace.

John McCain is the one making trips to the Middle East to discuss strategy with ISIS jihadi terrorists, who behead anyone who doesn't convert to Islam; who throws gays off buildings for their sexual preference. These people they grant the label Syrian 'rebels' against the 'oppressive Assad regime.' McCain is the one installing Nazi dictatorial regimes in Ukraine with Hillary's State Department.

Obama is the one getting us into conflict with Russia and China with advancements in Eastern Europe, tampering in Ukrainian elections, destabilizing Europe by knowingly creating a vacuum for ISIS to grow and destabilize the region so as to cause an immigration crisis but Trump is the threat to stability; Trump is the one who threatens to launch the world into global conflict. Textbook zombie logic; meaning there is no logic, its just baseless allegations they hear from their high priests in the establishment media; it's just an innate desire to consume life; it's just an innate desire for carnage, as a attempt to 'express' or alleviate a deeper problem with their underlying psyche. What a bunch of bollocks.

You see, this is the difference between the people who elected and support Trump and those who elected and support Obama: Obama supporters are clinging to a legacy, a perception, a delusion, while the Trump supporters are clinging to an ideology based on reality and results. They will hold Trump's feet to the fire and, if and when he doesn't perform, will be there with the zombies to decry him.

The Martyrdom of our Benevolent Rulers

All in all, slice it however you want, the apparent mass hypnosis and insanity unfolding now in the United States is clearly the result of the Obama administration's legalization of government propaganda to be used on the American people back in 2013 working in conjunction with the corrupted media who have neglected their sacred duty to impart knowledge to the public, knowledge which is pertinent to the functioning of Democracy. The details of the media collusion with the government can be found in part one of this series titled “Putting the 'Reason' back into Treason”. The apparent lapses in education of the public and absence of any moral, ethical compass of those in positions of powers that led to these developments is a topic for another story.

The agenda demonstrated by the 2013 legalization of government propaganda under the Obama administration was made clear with the passage of the 2017 NDAA, into which someone was able to sneak legislation that will establish an official ministry of propaganda for the government.

In a broader sense, what we see unfolding is the continuation of the 20th century drama of the ideological confrontation of the false dialectic of communism vs capitalism being used by the elite power brokers, aristocrats, and 'intelligentsia' to manipulate the masses. Yes, the communist and Bolshevik revolution was orchestrated and funded by these people. People like billionaire 'philanthropist and humanitarian' Nazi collaborator George Soros, who's openly said his crowing achievement will be the destruction of the USA.

These psychos set on global domination have been meeting to discuss what they envision to be the greatest threat to the world: overpopulation. This is why global depopulation – masked by euphemisms – is usually the central focus of these psychos at UN forums when they discuss implementing Agenda 21 and more recently Agenda 2030 and obfuscate any responsibility for reaping chaos in War Torn countries.

It's funny how no one ever pauses to think that maybe the thing driving this supposed march to a precipice is their own attempts to avoid it. 'What an absolutely dimwitted analysis; it's not the fact that people are forced to be consumers and work to pay taxes to support a system that serves as their own control apparatus while also working to provide the labor force to drive the industries developing all of this amazing technology for the betterment of mankind. Bring in the communists to come in and teach us how wonderful government is for the people!'

Essentially, we have a group of people who have elected themselves to save us from ourselves by building what amounts to a global, technocratic prison-industrial complex. Obviously, they were met with some resistance, but it is the reality that this plan – hatched for world dominion by an elite – has reared its ugly head in the realm of the pleb with more warm, endearing terms and concepts like 'sustainable development,' 'biodiversity' and 'global warming.'

While we are here, let me break this down for all of you who, for whatever reason, never considered the following: that the people who are opposed to the global warming agenda, who oppose vaccines, only do so because of a highly logical system of thought based on scientific analysis and not because they are Bible thumping ignoramuses who hate and deny science and relish every opportunity in making the environment worse.

People who deny Global warming, or rather anthropogenic global warming, do so largely because of the reality that scientists were caught intentionally fudging data to support a political agenda, which has been demonstrated by the many scientists who have come forward exposing the pressure put on them by the 'establishment' to capitulate to their agenda of portraying a scientific consensus that does not exist; because the earth has come out of an ice age and been warming and the ice has been melting for thousands of years; that the earth, like the annual seasons, has other cycles with more extended periods such as ice ages that are directly related to the precession of the equinoxes and solar cycles given the present 'scientific reality' that the earth is in fact a function of the sun and not the other way around; that vaccines and other medical products can be, and are, contaminated for any number of reasons, just as your burger might be at McDonalds or your rice might be in China.

I don't need a high priest to tell me what is true. I can use my God given reason and logic to make my own deductions. For example, I can go and look at a geological map and observe the various formations and bodies of fresh water that resulted from the melting of ice and global warming long before humans were around with their cars to put CO2 into the atmosphere and start causing the earth to warm.

Meanwhile, actual, measurable degradation of the environment and of the people living within it is being done at a very large scale and no attention gets drawn to it because it doesn't point to an issue that would need 'global' regulation of things desired to be regulated: people; because it doesn't serve a political agenda.

These manipulators have effectively tarnished the reputation of scientific institutions as well as the reputations of the people who comprise those institutions, reputations which people depend upon so that they can focus on their own professions, but now – because of their deceit – can no longer trust. While this has brought about a much more invested citizenry with a far more eclectic knowledge base and greater wisdom, this irresponsible, selfish behavior has in turn countered the productivity of an already starving economy and robbed even more of the overall time we all deserve to appreciate life and its blessings from the discerning, caring citizen.

So who, exactly, is the science denier?

Phew!!! All of that logic was extremely overwhelming. But now that we have gotten through that, lets get back to the serious political maneuverings that are happening which literally threaten democracy and freedom, and civilization and not some feigned delusion of them.

These dominatrix control freaks view us, the common man, as the problem. They think that we can't work things out for ourselves. In reality, it is a battle of wills. They think that their will should be imposed on everyone else. Other people's existence, and thus their will, is a threat to their own will and yet they need other people to be able to carry out their will so that they can enhance their will's reach; and so they toil their days away thinking of clever ways they can manipulate people into being good, subservient slaves and extend the reach of their will. Enter the pharmacological genocide of the human aspect of humanity in the postmodern world. Hence, the innumerable psychological 'disorders' that have been 'identified' with the 'advancements' of modern 'medicine,' which are in actuality natural, human responses which fundamentally develop from the conflict of some assumption with the underlying reality, of which their subconscious is already aware and hence that discomfort the pills are designed to get people to ignore.

All and all, these suckers for a good Fifty Shades of Greyesque novel eventually die very upset, sad, angry, fearful lonely people because they are limited by their finite perception of self. But that is a topic for another venue.

The megalomaniacal, sociopathic tendencies of our benevolent globalist rulers sounds a bit psychotic, but only because it is; it sounds extreme, but it's the truth. Global warming or, to be more 'politically correct,' 'climate change,' is the threat because 'my God how dare climates change!'

But seriously, it is very reasonable to want to have a society that is capable of reacting to a dynamic environment. To do so, that means implementing controls and measures; building systems and apparatuses with which we are able to react which can only by fully functional under a one world government. There's no getting around it. But that is how they look at it, the control freaks. A normal human being will just say 'hey, it's cold here. Let's move south where it's warmer.' After moving they would likely be met with another group of people who thought the same thing and would be greeted with either a warm embrace of a fellow human being recognizing another human being in need or the cold steel of control freak. Kind of like Game of Thrones and the wildlings beyond the wall when they are fleeing the white walkers.

You see, there already exists a global government, and these rebellious children just can't stand the thought of being governed, hence the delusion clingers. There are universal, natural laws of life that really govern the operations of men and the only time one is in need of global governance is when one is in need of an apparatus with which to exert his or her will onto others. And that is what global governance, climate change, the Bolshevik revolution, the Third Reich, and Noe-liberalism is all about: the open rebellion against the supreme will of the universe and life and the sociopathic proclivities that these megalomaniacs are all too willing to ascribe to others.

People naturally want to live in harmony and take care of the environment, so by manipulating that very human trait, that very relevant global human value, and associating it with another concept that isn't directly related at all what better way is there to introduce global governance? By accusing others of exactly what they are doing, what better way is their to propagate disinformation? This kind of symbol manipulation is commonplace for those who despise truth.

How diabolical!? It's like something the Nazis or the super secret, satanic cult hell bent on raising hell and becoming God would think up; them and Warner Bros.' 'Brain.'

In their super secret, super trendy meetings and in their elite circles they talk about how population is the ultimate threat to the world, and by 'the world' they mean 'their world' and 'their control' because relinquishing their illusion of control 'why that is just plain barbaric!' It's far more humane to poison and sterilize everybody; it's far more efficient to throw them into a war and watch them kill each other.

Now the loon balls are out in full force ready to set fire to the world rather than let trump be inaugurated; protesters are calling attention to the, more than likely staged event when the Nazi 'alt right' were seen in DC doing Nazi salutes.

Clearly the Nazis are an unfavorable group in America, and the genius logic hear is that Trump had his Nazi friends come out and salute him because it would go over so well; or maybe he thought that it would be so absurd that he could secretly relish the salutes of his secret Nazi friends whose salutes gives him supernatural powers!

It is possible that this organization was created as part of a currently classified provocateur operation by law enforcement to draw out people who were potential criminals, as it is a common practice. However, what I think is far more likely is that this was an organization created as a psychological operation by the US government as a kind of false flag operation in connection with the propaganda programs like the ones previously cited, similar to the operations carried out by the Democratic party during the election to make the Trump rally's look like a giant KKK meeting or countless other examples where people staged racist events to manipulate public perception, hoaxes which are conveniently widely publicized by the media but not widely publicized when they retract their mistake. But for the zombie, it's already all too real; they smell blood, and they have none so they must consume; there's no going back; they are already out in full force wanting to go 'blow up the White House,' which is, as Madonna pointed out, how many people have felt following the mass hypnosis and hysteria by the propagandists in the media.

This is clearly a tactic done by propagandists looking to manipulate people and not an innocent mistake by well meaning people looking to shed light and educate people on issues by revealing the truth so that we may be represented accurately and fairly because the mistakes are clearly deliberate. The apparent manipulative maneuvers, in this case, seem to be aimed at piggy backing off the false narrative of 'Russian interference' in the election to help build a case for the illusory, zombie reality that Trump's Presidency is illegitimate, and give credence to the 'not my President' hashtag. Unfortunately, there is no tangible evidence to give legitimacy to such claims this time around; there are no forged documents, no paper trail.

Essentially, given the lack of any legitimate means to prevent Trump's rise to power, the goal would seem to be to stir the pot enough to get people to do some dumb stuff and serve as a willing sacrifice to 'la Revolucion,' the party, and Satan so as to open up other avenues by which they may impede Trump's agenda while another, more groomed country steps in to fill the role of global leader in 'fulfilling the plan.' Doing so would certainly give other countries some cannon fodder for their own propaganda arms with which they could coax their respective populations into appeasing their globalist masters' desire to have other foreign actors intercede to stop the revolt to globalism that Trump's policies embody: the withdrawal from TPP, renegotiation of NAFTA, the cessation of allowing ourselves to be bled dry by the WTO as well as by our NATO allies by acting as the police force of the world.

However unlikely this may be at present, given the lack of any ability of these agitated agitators to muster any enthusiasm or 'cojones' to put their money where their mouth is, the far more likely result is that the Communist Party that rules China, with its impending bubble burst upon the US exit from the globalist system, will seek military dominance and exploitation rather than correcting its model for 'control.' At least they have loyalists like Senator Chuck Schemer, I mean Schumer, and Lindsey Graham Cracker to step forward and scrupulously 'vet' or prolong any and all cabinet appointments and buy themselves some time to maneuver, maybe allow for enough time to elapse for some unholy miracle to take place that saves them from their impending demise; time during which the 'highly undesired, unthinkable happens': Trump is killed and all of his appointments are left unappointed? HAHA! What a bunch of optimistic pessimists. What a bunch of useful idiots. I'm sorry that I'm not sorry about giving these schoolyard bullies a taste of their own medicine.

Luckily, Americans aren't that ignorant and stubborn and the truth is still prevalent enough to inoculate the general public to the zombification of America.... right? I suppose it would depend on in which circles you travel.

Gee, what happened to all those antiwar democrats I wonder? Where are all those people concerned about the debt and the modern day slavery operation being conducted by elites in Washington DC, why aren't they now in support of policies that directly resolve these issues? What happened to Trump being the one setting fire to the world? Doesn't look to be the case when you start to deal in reality does it? The pigs are out in full force, and I am not talking about cops. It's fun to speculate, but I'll go back to the facts.

That being said, there are most certainly white supremacists in America just as there are racists of every other skin color. But the consistent line of the media is to disenfranchise the concerns of Trump and his supporters as racist bigotry, when in fact it couldn't be further from the truth because anyone who actually listens to what he is talking about doing, and not soundbites from their favorite communist propaganda outlet about what he says, will know that his agenda is so radical and upsetting to the establishment that this is why they are mobilizing so heavily to dismantle the movement that elected Trump as President.

So now, we even have the great George 'Sauron' Soros surfacing from his lair deep beneath the earth, from some undisclosed location trumpeting that America will fall to an economic Armageddon. What a lunatic. Kind of like when he predicted Hillary Clinton would win the election.

If you look at the rhetoric, one might think it ironic or assume that there was some kind merit to all of the Nazi accusations. The reality is that it's neither. These people meet and discuss implementing strategies such as these.

'How Bizarre! People don't meet and make agreements and deals to achieve mutually beneficial ends! You must be a conspiracy theorist! You know, someone who likes to invent an alternate reality that makes dealing with actual reality less psychologically distressing' say the people who do exactly that and don't want to admit that people don't live in the same perception bubble as them; who can't imagine that there are people who aren't like them. “You are just a crazy person, I'll go back to my life thinking that I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread and anyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi, idiot, lunatic.”

The same Nazi collaborator who, after calling a meeting with Democratic party leaders to literally 'discuss strategy,' pushes rhetoric that is parroted in the media and by leaders in the Democratic party and some of his other heathen friends.

It's almost as if this guy is about to lose everything. Eh, such is life. Suck it up. You can't lose what you never had.

What do the Nazis, the Soviets, the Chinese communists all have in common? Well it's the fact that they are all quite glad to benefit from the exploitation of their 'human resources,' who they believe are just a by-product of the system they have concocted to carry out their will, up until the point that those very people compromise the system and function that they were created to serve. At that point, then they become expendable. And that is the case now. Their solution isn't to change their system, or relinquish their illusion, it is instead to 'introduce biodiversity legislation,' to 'award each other medals', and to 'implement population control measures.' Control. Control. Control.

Well I have some control for you. Suck it you ignorant death suckers.

Remember when the Nazis tried to use those genius, disruptive commies as an excuse to implement control measures? Me too. Remember when America tore the Nazis a new one? Me too. Suck it.

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