A list of the similarities between Silicon Valley and the Soviet Union went viral over the weekend
Sean Wolfe | Tuesday, June 11, 2019 -- 12:03 PM EDT
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***Article first published by 'Business Insider' on July 9, 2018***

Silicon Valley has a tendency to be mocked — there's even an entire HBO comedy centered around the absurdities of living and working there.

But one Twitter user approached this subject in a new way: comparing the tech capital of the world to the former Soviet Union. Anton Troynikov created a Twitter thread on July 5 that quickly went viral over the weekend, making tongue-in-cheek comparisons between working for a tech giant like Tesla or Amazon and working in the USSR.

Things that happen in Silicon Valley and also the Soviet Union:

- waiting years to receive a car you ordered, to find that it's of poor workmanship and quality

- promises of colonizing the solar system while you toil in drudgery day in, day out

anton - @atroyn - 1:47 PM - 5 Jul 2018

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