Anime Series on Netflix Features Communist Propaganda?
Citizen Kane | Wednesday, October 24, 2018 -- 3:27 PM EDT
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The anime series "Aldnoah.Zero" features a scene with some interestingly framed shots and sub text, to say the least.

The anime series "Aldnoah.Zero" depicts peaceful earthlings going about their lives until the "Martians" arraived.

However, in this series the Martians aren't little green men, but instead they are human beings who were once "earthlings" as well, but were cut off from earth during a spat they had during their colony mission to Mars.

Without spoiling too much, the series frames the Martians as merciless invaders and the earthlings as hapless victims of conquest.

The scene in question features the "earthlings" retreating to the last refuge for humanity: a former communist shelter complete with "Hammer and Sickle" regalia.

"If this got destroyed, it's possible that humans on earth could go extinct," one of the characters says as the show cuts to an image of a giant communist flag.

Netflix has in the past come under fire for their programing which seems to be increasingly influenced by leftist Deities like former President Barrack Hussein Obama and former Obama Administration Attorney General Susan Rice.

See the video clip here.

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