CHILD MOTHER ISIS sex slave girl pregnant at TEN years old as children raped by 100 jihadis and beaten with cables
Gerard du Cann | Thursday, May 30, 2019 -- 4:13 PM EDT
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An aid worker who runs safe houses for Yazidis escaping IS said child sex slaves would often be raped by hundreds of ISIS fighters. 2019 Democrat Party: Inappropriate to call MS-13 Animals, ISIS Jihadists should be welcomed beack into society, Christians and COnservatives are extremeists that must be silenced and banned.

A YAZIDI woman claims her ten-year-old niece is pregnant after being forced to become an ISIS sex slave.

The terrified aunt made the claim after speaking about how children of the minority group were beaten with cables if they disobeyed, while another aid worker said children would be raped by hundreds of jihadis.

The Mail on Sunday reported the child, Marwa Khedr, became a victim of Islamic State after jihadis swept into her village in Iraq and rounded up all the families at gunpoint.

The men were reportedly killed and buried alive in a mass grave.

The women and children were taken to the north of the country, where they were divided up by age.

The most prized were those women aged between ten and 20.

"These young girls may have been raped by 100 men before they become pregnant"

- Ziad Avdal, who runs safe houses for Yazidis

Her aunt Mahdya said she last saw her niece huddled with others in a market waiting to be taken to the caliphate's would-be capital Raqqa.

Mahdya herself has just recently escaped from Baghuz, the last holdout of ISIS in Syria, and said she had been forced to eat sticks and animal dung to survive.

A friend told Mahdya she had seen Marwa again since her kidnapping, and she was pregnant at only ten years old, according to the Daily Mail.

Mahdya, 29, had endured her own hell under ISIS.

She claimed she was frequently sold, kept underground for months, assaulted and forced to marry several times.

She was threatened with having her daughters raped, and saw them beaten regularly with cables by jihadi brides.

Yet when she first tried to flee, she said her daughters were so brain-washed by ISIS that they refused to join her, fearing the "faithless" men of the liberating Kurdish forces.

Ziad Avdal, a former teacher who runs safe houses for Yazidis escaping IS, spoke about the terrible fate of ten-year-old Marwa.

He said: “It is not just terrible that she is pregnant – these young girls may have been raped by 100 men before they become pregnant.”

The horrific claims come after reports SAS soldiers found the severed heads of 50 ISIS sex slaves in an underground tunnel.

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