Facebook lets Antifa group encourage their followers to burn down housing developments
Far Left Watch | Thursday, November 8, 2018 -- 3:50 PM EST
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How these groups get away with this is beyond understanding.

***Article first published on 'True Pundit' on Nov. 1, 2018***

Facebook recently decided to ban Gavin McInnes and multiple accounts associated with the “Proud Boys” stating that those accounts were “hate groups” and violated their policies on “hate speech”. As we have previously documented, Facebook and the other large social media monopolies selectively enforce their Terms Of Service and in most cases they are only applied to right-of-center accounts.

After hearing about the latest purge from Facebook we checked on some of the more violent far-left accounts that we monitor and unsurprisingly, no action had been taken against multiple antifa accounts that openly advocate fro the murder of President Trump and who use Facebook to radicalize, recruit, and mobilize new members. One recent example that demonstrates this double standard is the failure of Facebook to take action against the violent far-left extremist group, Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement. Just last week, this antifa group shared an “anti-gentrification” poster that encouraged people to burn down luxury housing developments. They instructed their five thousand Facebook followers to print this poster and spread it around.

In a prior post, they celebrated the recent arson attacks that this downloadable poster was referencing.

This is the same extremist group that used their Facebook and Twitter account to coordinate a nationwide campaign to deface Christopher Columbus statues and then used those same accounts to share pictures and brag about their criminal activity once the campaign was executed. But like most violent far-left accounts, they are free to violate Facebook and Twitter Terms of Service without any recourse. At what point should this selective enforcement be viewed as an endorsement of far-left political violence?

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