Historic Order compels International Church leaders to aid in the arrest of "Pope Francis"
C. Redvers, LL.B., Clerk of the Court | Tuesday, June 12, 2018 -- 12:30 PM EDT
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Pope Francis first tried to cover up the rampant sexual, satanic abuse by the highest levels of the Catholic church in Chile by slandering those who were levying charges against the church, now he has been found guilty of the most egregious human rights violations involving something known as 'the ninth circle cult' that involves satanic ritual abuse and human trafficking.

***Article first published by the 'International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State' on May 30, 2018***

Public Order

to Assist and Comply with a Standing Common Law Arrest Warrant

Regarding the apprehension of the convicted felon Jorge Bergoglio (aka “Pope Francis”)

Issued to the Officers and Affiliates of the World Council of Churches
by the International Common Law Court of Justice – May 30, 2018

LET IT BE KNOWN that the flesh and blood man JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO, as the liable head fiduciary officer of the Vatican Incorporated and the Roman Catholic Church, has been duly convicted in a Common Law Court of Justice of Crimes against Humanity and Complicity in a Criminal Conspiracy, including the trafficking and death of children. (ICLCJ Case Docket No. 06182014-001, In the Matter of The People v. Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby et al, 18 July, 2014)

ACCORDINGLY, an International Common Law Arrest Warrant has been issued for the immediate apprehension of BERGOGLIO as a convicted felon and a threat to the safety of children. This Warrant has been recognized by INTERPOL and by judicial and police agencies in Spain, America, Russia and Serbia.

Under the terms of this Warrant and International Law, you are obligated and required to assist in the detaining of BERGOGLIO and any of his accomplices, and to refrain from aiding and abetting him or any of the agents of the transnational criminal syndicate known as the Vatican. If you fail to do so you can and will be charged under the law with obstructing justice and colluding in Crimes against Humanity.

Common Law Peace Officers and domestic police will be present at the World Council of Churches event on June 21, 2018 in Geneva to enforce the Arrest Warrant against BERGOGLIO when he addresses your Assembly. DO NOT interfere with this action.

This ORDER has the full force and effect of the Law.

Issued by the Criminal Trial Division of the International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels, On the Thirtieth Day of May in the Year 2018

C. Redvers, LL.B., Clerk of the Court – itccsoffice@gmail.com , www.itccs.org

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