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Citizen Kane | Wednesday, December 21, 2016 -- 8:05 PM EST
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Obama sat down for an interview with the Daily Show's Trevor Noah and it was rich

Just for some perspective:

Obama on the Daily Show, appealing to the informed audience of a literal “fake news” comedy television show: "Nothing explosive in those emails." He said this while simultaneously stating that Russia is responsible for the hacks and while citing the intelligence “community's” reports when in fact no conclusive evidence or "intelligence" has been presented by the intelligence community confirming his claim and only intelligence disproving Russian involvement has been presented by the actual community of intelligence agencies, but rather some team within the CIA has an analysis that only Russia could be responsible.

He said this while also pushing the talking point that Trump's refusal of such intelligence briefings is some how a part of his arrogance and hubris. He said these things very nonchalantly as if people aren't already trying to assassinate the president elect en masse, not only because of his anti-globalist policies, but also thanks to the Clinton campaign having effectively spun his positions and comments throughout the election racist and manipulated their base into thinking that Donald Trump and his supporters are racist KKK members; As if people are not already trying to cast doubt over the legitimacy of the election, and making death threats to electors; As if the daughter of House minority leader Nancy Pelosi **huaahhh** – pardon me while a try not vomit from the ridiculousness of the charade – try to give the CIA “intelligence briefings” to the electors before they cast their votes on Monday.

“Oh, and by the way, we can't possibly give anyone but Trump clearance to relay this pivotal intelligence concerning the hacking by Russians because the intelligence revealing that Russians actually did it is just so bomb shell that it could destroy the world, but we can still tell the entire world about the conclusion of this intelligence” said this mysterious, all knowing team of analysts in the CIA.


In the immortal words of Hillary Clinton, “words have consequences.” But I am sure you probably agree that 'President' Obama knows this already. “He just genuinely wants the 'President Elect' to have access to all the information from every intelligence agency so that he can be a great President.” As Obama and Pelosi said following the conclusion of the election, “peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy.”

Back to the perspective.

Not only did he make these subtle inferences on a fake news show while pushing for legislation to create a literal “Ministry of truth” for determining which free speech is OK based on a “truthiness” test to be determined by the aforementioned government agency, but he did so at a very pivotal time for the “peaceful transition of power” that he values so deeply about our democracy, and he did so because he wants trump to have the best information; he did so, not because there is any evidence of russian involvement, but because there are a few analysts within the CIA who feel that Russia had a stake by electing trump. Qui Bono. Wow these Colombo's who are giving us this amazing analysis at the CIA are great. Thank goodness they are containing ISIS. Putin comes out and openly says to the world that he would be glad to negotiate with America under a Trump Presidency, which has publicly announced its plans to alter the “strategy” of the Obama administration in Syria and going after ISIS, and these geniuses think that their analysis that because Russia has openly stated that he would love for Trump to win the Presidency, the most logical conclusion is that Russia was responsible for all of the Wikileaks damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Not only that, in their genius analysis these Colombos at the CIA have somehow determined that, after publicly voicing his support for a Trump Presidency because it would bring peace to its ally Syria and the middle east and contain the spread of ISIS, the campaign who would have the most to gain from 'Russia hacking the elections' would be Trump. The American people see through it all though, so Putin has to take it to the next level of mind fuckery by haphazardly hacking the US elections and leaving tons of evidence to point to their responsibility but then people realize the absurdity of it all so they think that Russia is not actually responsible. Putin's dhasterdly plan almost worked if it wasn't for select patriotic Americans championing COMPLETE AND UTTER BULL SHIT!


If you some how managed to get through that absurd logic, congrats! If not: the Russians did it.

Obama made this inference because that's how he rolls (no that isn't a racist reference to his skin color as you have been conditioned to see any speech concerning anyone who isn't white, but rather a colloquialism that is widely used to describe a typical behavior without sounding like a robot. Good God, it's so hard to speak about issues plaguing our country without being bogged down addressing supericialities that inhibit the means to meaning. The Devil couldn't have planned it better himself...)

So he attacks Trump's decision to not be at every single intelligence briefing. His administration didn't deliberately orchestrate for intelligence concerning the likelihood of the rise of ISIS and the destabilization of the Middle East following his hasty exit of Iraq to not make it to the White House or anything; electors aren't about to cast their votes on Monday **again with the overly sarcastic overtones**.

“Why the rush?” Trevor Noah surreptitiously asked at the start of the genuinely rehearsed interview with questions likely fielded before hand, if not given to him by the administration before the interview, which Stephen Colbert made clear in his #Pizzagate meltdown and Wikileaks has proven is commonplace in 'fake news.'

Obama glazed over the question and responded by not responding, and clearly illustrating the fact that he and Hillary Clinton have been deliberately misrepresenting “intelligence confirmations” of Russian hacking being responsible for all of the Wikileaks emails that were leaked throughout the election in “drip drip” fashion.

Russia did that drip drip style to influence the election. It wasn't Wikileaks. Wikileaks doesn't want the news to focus on the bombshell evidence they released or anything. They don't want to make sure the News has a convenient excuse to gloss over the non explosive revelations they release.

Obama just scheduled to do this long awaited interview with Trevor Noah at this time not for any political agenda. He doesn't want to appeal to a specific uninformed demographic by pushing 'fake news' talking points at a time which just happened to correspond with this stunning intelligence revelation that even more analysis has determined that Putin is responsible for all that is evil in the world.

Obama does this while simultaneously signing memorandums that essentially give blank checks to the Alqaeda/Al Nusra and ISIS terrorists fighting to overthrow the democratically elected President Assad in Syria, adding to the arms they have been knowingly running through Saudi Arabia and Qatar to aforementioned terrorists with gun running operations like “fast and furious” in Mexico (AKA the official CIA run foreign policy for the past few decades plaguing the middle east, Latin America, Ukraine and elsewhere with things like color revolutions as was what happened with the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power in the 'Arab Spring,' which – much to my surprise **queue overly sarcastic overtones** was personified by rhetoric which strikingly resembles the rhetoric being put forth by Obama and the Clinton campaign recently trying to undermine the integrity of elections. Let's not forget, these policies rarely ever result in a democracy, which our dear leaders and politicians feign their adoration for so often. These operations don't just get people killed, but cause massive migration crises that destabilize entire continents. #benghazi #refugeecrisis

'But these Wikileaks, there is nothing explosive. Go back to bullying anyone we tell you to bully by simultaneously calling them bullies and not engaging in a discourse or considering actual information. Just continue a conditioned response 'triggered' by a branded symbol we have successfully falsely associated with another concept.”

It's not like ISIS has openly said they are coming over with the refugees. It's not like Wikileaks revealed Hillary and Podesta's besty Marina Abramovich likes to invite them over for an occasional 'spirit cooking' dinner. O, you didn't know? It's in vogue. It's trendy. It's sexy.

It's not like wikileaks revealed that the people in Podesta and Hillary's circle like to communicate with code words frequently used by pedophiles. It's not like the owner of Comet Ping Pong, and host of fundraisers for Obama and Hillary, one of GQs most powerful men in Washington has a fetish for art that hints at pedophilia and murder/torture. Oh wait. Tony Podesta, another one of the most powerful 'lobbyist' in Washington, likes that stuff too? O wait. Both of the Podesta brothers fit the description and moch ups of the suspects in the McCann pedophilia kidnapping case and can also be placed in the country where the girl was kidnapped at the time she went missing.

OOO, it's all circumstantial. No prison convictions will come of this information. That's what you mean by nothing explosive or anything.

Hey Stephen Colbert, your so funny. Make me laugh again so I don't have to look at the absolute disgusting people you pal around with. So I don't get my pitchfork and torch and march down the streets you love to serve so much. Lecture me about how when people make agreements they honor them. You fucking hypocrite. Meaning is the agreement, not some perversion of symbols. You know, that authentic thing you feel in the heart you used to have that you hide behind that mask you call a face? You'd better check with your attorney.

But how about absolute disgust in the filth posted on the Instagram accounts of people associated with this. How about the 650,000 emails contained on the drive of Anthony Weiner (husband of Clinton's closest aide and also … wait for it... a pedophile), which the FBI was able to miraculously go through and analyze and determine in less than a week that nothing in those emails are of any merit in the investigation of the Clintons.

This wasn't done because to arrest Hillary Clinton at that juncture would get the but hurt brainwashed democrat base to think that the Nazis got to the FBI and have decided to started the purge and start burning and looting the cities and in turn get Obama to launch martial law and potentially postponing the elections and having Obama for that reluctant third term he made so clear was not something he wants.

No, the outrage over the arrest of their candidate that would have surpassed the outrage over the fact that they had allowed a criminal to steal the nomination of their party wasn't the reason for the dismissal. The investigation into the mishandling of 'classified information' was closed because mobster tactician also known as Hillary Rodom Clinton (Magic: 6, Strength: 1, Weapon: Screech), who – like the President – is schooled in the arts of self proclaimed Luciferian Saul Alinski's 'Rules for Radicals,' pushed that narrative in the 'intelligence' community to escape prosecution and prolong judgment, when in fact there is no legal precedent that says if there is not a democratic party candidate running for president than there is no election. Because god forbid we disturb the safe spaces and we have an election without a representative for the democratic party, or even the republican party for that matter.

And now they are still flirting with the idea of creating civil unrest in the US and World War 3 with Russia so as to prolong a trial and avoid the eminent collapse of gobal governance. Because we all know, there can be no trial. If there is a trial, then there is a guilty verdict, and we all also know deep down that we never escape judgment.

“Let's get prestigious, credible journalists like Brian Williams to trumpet our cause about 'fake news' while we try to push a bill through the senate that literally establishes an entire agency who's soul purpose would be creating the disinformation we allowed to 'legally' be carried out on the American people by the Government years prior and also to shut up who the government decides is 'fake news.' “ Said these sociopaths somewhere. “Let's release the Olberman to accuse everyone of treason for going along with an election that we tell them Putin rigged and moan about America's sovereignty while I literally hand over sovereignty of the America to an international body. Textbook! Let's parade the pope out and get him to compare people who don't adhere to the narrative put forth by our priests in media to people who get sexual arousal from eating shit. Oh his holiness! The great pontificator!”

Authoritarians showing their Primary colors, flying their banners proud and high for everyone to see. Can you see it?

“Disinformation failure. Over heating. Over heating.

Ctrl alt delete. End process.

**Failed to end process.**

Execute martial law configuration.

**Unknown command.**

Execute Bring in foreign armies.

**No response**

Enter BIOS. Authorize.

**You do not have the authority!**”

How about the mysterious death of the woman in Haiti who was investigating child trafficking in connection with the Clinton Laundromat, I mean foundation. You see, Laura Silsby is another convicted child trafficker working in Haiti during the 'relief' effort that was under way under our dear, dear Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was also able to secure a nice chunk of money for her glorious non-profit organization the Clinton Foundation while also securing some great business interests for her brother in a gold mining operation in the process.

What about Biden you ask? Oh Joe. You are so silly. Paling around. I love those memes. You warm my heart. You have such a great smile Joe. Smile at me again and make me feel even more uncomfortable than I do watching you around little girls. Yeah, Hillary taught Joe a thing or two about setting up shop. After Hillary's state department installed a Neo Nazi regime in Ukraine, our dear Joe followed the Mother of Darkness' lead and secured a cushy job for his son in a Ukrainian gas company which was followed up by a visit from the Vice president to Ukraine in a desperate attempt to preserve Ukraine's 'fragile democracy.'

Going after people's family, that's just low.

Oh my. It's rich.

Now I just need to find those last Album's released by John Lennon and pop those on, give those a listen while I watch the rats start devouring each other.

Tell me again. Tell me again why Putin is the most evil man in the world and responsible for everything. Wait. No. It's God! If he is all powerful, why would he allow this!?

Ooo the tantrums are great.

It's not like the DOJ repeatedly interfered with countless FBI investigations when they gave a friendly heads up to the Clinton campaign, not once but twice, as revealed in the Wikileaks. Nothing to see there. That's just what friends do. It's not like Hillary and Bill Clinton don't frequent the orgy island of another one of their bestys Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted Billionaire pedophile who went to his country club prison for a few months and was back at it shortly after. Wikileaks? Nothing there. Don't bother.

Someone tell me I'm the one spreading fake news again when I question the shit that's spoon fed to you by your dear leaders and regurgitated to you by your trusted anchors, like you are the one doing a public service by combating propaganda. If you haven't caught on by now, that was a sarcastic comment. Please don't. Your breath stinks. Shout out to the pontiff for that one.

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