Obama's Chicago Chronies request UN Invasion of the US amidst massive criminal probes
Citizen Kane | Tuesday, December 19, 2017 -- 11:45 PM EST
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They spent billions of dollars on presidential campaigns, funding protest groups around the country, paying off journalists and media operations to convince the public that the Civil War unfolding now is about, wait for it, racism...

***For background on the UN Agenda 21 plans to confiscate weapons and land refer to the article titled "UN Gun Grab Follows State Department Plan"***

On Dec. 12, 2017, Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin gave a press conference at O’Hare International Airport outlining his desire to bring UN troops into America to enforce the law and bring order to Chicago, which is suffering from gang violence.

“I’m hoping to appeal to the U.N. to actually come to Chicago and meet with victims of violence, and maybe even possibly help out in terms of peacekeeping efforts, because I think it’s so critical for us to make sure that these neighborhoods are safe,” Boykin said.

The Commissioner's concern for the safety of these Chicago neighborhoods was referenced in tandem with the protection of minorities and the points were cited as the reasons as to why he would like help from the UN.

“That escalated fast!” you may be telling yourself upon hearing this news. While the proposed solutions may have escalated rapidly, the violence has not. This is why many are wondering why the Chicago bureaucrats are now so keen to solicit help from those outside the city while skipping over any help from the National Guard, and whether or not it has anything to do with the advent of President Trump.

Indeed the Commissioner was asked what the difference would be between having the National Guard help out Chicago instead of the UN, aside from the obvious fact that FOREIGN TROOPS WILL BE ENFORCING LAW IN AMERICA. His response was “The difference is, I’m not so sure that the National Guard is so used to peacekeeping and a peacekeeping role: The U.N. is trained in this.”

"I'm not so sure the National Guard is trained for this." That was his justification for inviting foreign troops into America. Let that sink in for a minute.


The irony of the debate surrounding the approach to dealing with the violence in Chicago is almost too much to bear for any level-headed person not blinded by partisanship and identity politics.

The Intercept's Alice Speri eloquently summarized the irony in her Feb. 2, 2017 article titled “Chicago Needs Police Reform, Not Trump’s National Guard — An Interview With Jamie Kalven.”

“Last week, President Trump took a break from announcing and signing executive orders targeting Muslim and Latino immigrants and refugees to remind brown and black Americans that he hadn’t forgotten about them,” Speri wrote in paragraph one, line one of her news article. “As he has often done in the past, he picked Chicago as the symbolic 'inner city hell' he has railed against during his campaign, and tweeted that if the city doesn’t fix its 'horrible carnage,' he will 'send in the Feds!'”

This racial prejudice victim-hood, identity politics, PR strategy apparently carried over into the realm of the bureaucrats, or vice versa, because Boykin invoked notions that somehow the violence is the product of some kind of genocide carried out by the state, which in this case the implication is that the US government is responsible for the problem. Why else would anyone appeal to the UN if all other avenues had been exhausted or unavailable?

The irony is that the US government does bear a certain degree of responsibility, but the problem has nothing to do with the new administration, which would beg the question as to why people like the Intercept's Alice Speri would, on Feb. 2, 2017, write a 'piece' titled “Chicago needs Police Reform, not Trump's National Guard – An interview with Jamie Kalven.”

You know you are in for an informative read when line one, paragraph one reads “Last week, President Trump took a break from announcing and signing executive orders targeting Muslim and Latino immigrants and refugees to remind brown and black Americans that he hadn’t forgotten about them. As he has often done in the past, he picked Chicago as the symbolic 'inner city hell' he has railed against during his campaign, and tweeted that if the city doesn’t fix its 'horrible carnage,' he will 'send in the Feds!'”

It's also a little suspect when people think that the UN troops can fix problems that the US National Guard can not.

“The United Nations has a track record of protecting minority populations,” Boykin told Inc. before his meeting. “There was tribal warfare between the Tutsis and the Hutus in Africa, and they deployed peacekeeping troops there to help save those populations and reduce the bloodshed. We have to do something — black people in Chicago make up 30 percent of the population, but 80 percent of those who are killed by gun violence.”

The referencing of minority populations suffering the disproportionate brunt of the violence in Chicago and comparing it to the Tutsis and the Hutus in Africa is possibly the most disingenuous, insensitive comparison to make, given that there is no ethnic cleansing happening in Chicago. The violence is entirely associated with gang violence, gangs which traffic in illegal drugs like heroine and cocaine, for which Chicago serves as central distribution location.

This is not Citizens' Dawn's editorial comment.

The Washington Post's Sari Horwitz outlined in a Nov. 3, 2012 article how “U.S. cities become hubs of Mexican drug cartels,” in particular “Chicago, with 100,000 gang members to put the dope on the street, is a logistical winner for the Sinaloa cartel.”

In his “The drug trade in Chicago has helped fuel pervasive gang violence that has resulted in a quickly rising homicide rate,” O'Reilly writes. “Chicago ended 2014 with 425 murders, and this year the city had seen 30 slayings by the end of January.”

The Daily Beast's Jeremy Kryt outlined in an July 29, 2017 article
”How Mexican Cartels Prey on Chicago's Chaos.” In his article he interviewed DEA agent Mark Giuffre.

“The cartels supply the narcotics to the violent Chicago street gangs,” Giuffre tells The Daily Beast. “Illicit drug smuggling [and] transportation groups are selling their services to any cartel willing to pay for them.”

It's hard to ignore the fact that there has been an even larger increase of violence in Chicago this year while pressure on MS-13 escalates around the country with hundreds of deportations and while Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel continues to emphasize that Chicago is a “Trump Free Zone” to his shareholders... I mean citizens.

On June 30, 2017 President Trump announced that he is “sending in federal help” to Chicago, which included sending in 20 Federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and reallocating federal prosecutors to focus on gun violence.

“Sessions also highlighted the Trump administration's efforts to force so-called 'sanctuary cities' that shield undocumented immigrants from deportation to comply with federal law,” Politico's Louis Nelson writes. “He said states and cities must 'protect our citizens—rather protecting the criminal illegal aliens who prey upon them.'”

These are a few items worthy of consideration surrounding this move by Boykin.

- The UN had Saudi Arabia replace Russia on the UN Human rights Council.

- The UN is moving to “nullify” Trumps decision for the US to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and has decided to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, as if the UN could instruct a sovereign nation where it will put it's embassies.

- On Dec. 12, 2017 Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) penned a letter demanding documents from the Energy Department and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) surrounding the Obama administration allowing for the export of Yellow Cake uranium outside the US on approval of the Obama administration, that occurred with simultaneous charitable contributions to the Clinton Foundation to the tune of $145 million dollars. Barrasso claims that the Obama administration misled his committee about Uranium One's ability to export yellow cake outside the US.

- The co-founder of Trump dossier firm Fusion GPS confirmed in court filings on Tuesday that he met last year with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and hired Ohr’s wife to help with the opposition research firm’s investigation of Donald Trump. Fusion GPS is the private firm who was hired by the DNC to dig up, or make up, dirt on Trump. We are finding out that the salacious “dossier” produced by Fusion GPS was likely used as the justification for FISA warrants to surveil the Trump campaign.

The Inspector General is the independent body at the Department of Justice ensuring the integrity of the Mueller probe with it's own investigation. It is the body that was frequently referenced during the Judiciary Committee Hearings with FBI Director Wray as the reason why Wray could not share with the committee, in a public setting, much of the information they requested because it was part of an ongoing investigation under the purview of the Inspector General. The IG authorized the DOJ to release the text messages of Peter Strzok – lead investigator on Mueller's probe – that revealed him to be a political activist in opposition to Trump tainting the entire special council.

The implications of the release of the text messages are that the IG has confirmed that the Mueller probe had not only not found any evidence of Russian collusion but also that the special council was indeed tainted, as many had suspected. The release was essentially a way to ease public tensions for a conclusion that they had reached in their investigation that would ultimately result in the disbanding of the Special Council.

And that is why this is all relevant. We are looking at a political apparatus left over from the previous administration that is heavily implicated in serious crimes. They hoped that the special council would be their way to build a case for impeachment of Trump, and not so much as a way to investigate the truth about Russian meddling in the election and improving the integrity of the US democratic process.

The disbanding of the special council is the removal of their leverage in DC and one of their main strategies for tainting the Trump Presidency.

Facing the revelations outlined in Meyer's exposé, and in Barrasso's letter concerning Uranium One, one can begin to see why the Obama leftovers are so vehemently grasping at straws in the hopes to impeach Trump. However, the depths these people are willing to go to avoid scrutiny are alarming and would seem to confirm what we have deduced were the IG's suspicions about what the reaction would be from the left when they disband Mueller's special council.

The reaction from the left “snowflakes” would seem to justify revealing to the press some of the details surrounding such a decision. Just look at how much of the left reacted after Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) tweeted out his dismay over the prospect of the disbanding of the special council.

MoveOn.org Published a “Mueller Firing Rapid Response” that instructed people on how to shut down America based on the premise that “This would be a constitutional crisis for our country.”

University of New Hampshire Professor Seth Abramson followed suit and instructed people about how to take to the streets to shut down America and laid out the doomsday scenarios that would likely unfold.

“If @realDonaldTrump fires Robert Mueller, people should go into the streets. It should be Tahrir Square like uprising. We must defend our democracy and the rule of law,” The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur wrote on twitter.

“If Trump fires Mueller, patriotic Americans would be well within their rights to shut the country down through massive and sustained protest,” George Takei, Star Trek actor and accused pedo-rapist, wrote on twitter.

“Make no mistake, by attacking Mueller, DT's state run TV(FOX) is pushing US to a constitutional crisis. Be prepared to take the streets,” Hollywood Producer Rob Reiner wrote on twitter.

Newsweek: “Trump could use military to launch his own coup warns former white house ethics lawyer

I could almost begin to see why Boykin would ask the UN for help and not the National Guard, almost. And by almost I mean I am very far off, but this would be a much better excuse than the one that he gave.

It's almost like nobody cares about the constitutional crisis that happened under Obama with Fusion GPS and the Uranium One collusion, like no one cares about the constitutional crisis of having a rogue government of leftover Obama bureaucrats with their very own rogue DOJ that is a special council investigating things way beyond their mandate.

But disbanding a special council that has, after a year, not found any evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, well that would be the single greatest threat to the Constitution! Never mind cooking intelligence to obtain FISA warrants to access a database of information filled with dragnet surveillance information of practically every single digital record transmitted across the internet.

But Schiff just needs one more, one more witness. He promises that he will stop. He is in control of his Mueller addiction. He is in control!

They all know he should be fired, that's why they were so certain he would be fired. That's an editorial comment, in case you couldn't tell, but it's very likely true. There are massive scandals, massive criminal operations in which many people are caught up, in which many criminal networks have their hands.

Then, of course, there are the lemmings, who unscrupulously go along with whatever sound bite that is nicely packaged for them and decorated with a trendy bow. The lemmings going along with this don't understand that their objective is only power. There are no principles involved and the sooner the average person understands this the sooner people won't be suckered into misinformation-based conflicts that erode the supposed constitution they are concerned about.

They are like people who identify as an oxymoron; an anracho-communist fighting to destroy capitalism. The lemmings don't understand the words they are using and that's in part because of sociopaths associating terms and phrases like “constitutional crisis” with someone acting constitutionally and defending the constitution.

The implications of the revelation that Mueller's special council illegally seized communications from the Trump administration and that the investigation had now shifted to building a case for obstruction of justice for the impeachment of Trump instead of investigating Russian collusion, is enough to signal to any reasonable person that the Mueller special council should, at the very least, be disbanded.

This is not a partisan theory about the special council turning into a rogue DOJ for an unelected executive branch of democrats upset that they lost the election. It is a demonstrable fact which was admitted by Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) herself in a Dec. 3 interview with meet the press when she said “what we’re beginning to see is the putting together of a case of obstruction of justice.”

The Daily Kos' Mark Sumner points out this reality in his Dec. 20, 2017 report “Mueller orders up a fresh batch of documents on Trump's firing of Comey.” Wasn't the special council created to investigate Russian meddling in the election?

That's what most of us we're told, but as a wise man once said, “Judge a tree by its fruits.”

Of course this would seem to have been the desire the whole time. Rep. Brad Sherman began the impeachment process for President Trump almost as soon as he was in office, which would remove Trump from office as soon as possible, and his grounds for impeachment were not Russian Collusion, despite the overwhelming evidence provided to us by the Clinton campaign and the infamous 17 US intelligence agencies confirming this impeachable offense. No, what Sherman decided to move to impeach Trump was obstruction of justice and the firing of James Comey: a man who openly admitted to leaking classified intelligence to the press for the purposes of creating the special council that is now being headed up by his friend and mentor Robert Mueller, which is now attempting to build a case for Sherman's impeachment.

Wow. It's not about the integrity of democracy; it's about destroying it; it's about overturning the results of an election and the agenda the American people voted for on Nov. 8, 2016. It's not about preventing a constitutional crisis; it's about creating one.

The only thing the Mueller Special Council can accomplish, and is accomplishing successfully, is creating unrest in the country, and at Citizens' Dawn we think that is what is desired by anyone who understands the complete circumstances surrounding the Mueller probe and still thinks that the Special Council should exist.

These revelations in concert with the release of text messages of Peter Strzok – lead investigator on Mueller's probe – the McCabe-Rosenstein-Mueller conflict of interest with their involvement with the Uranium One scandal, has culminated in what Attorney Gregg Jarrett has characterized as the nullification of any and all evidence presented in any judicial setting by the Mueller Special Council.

“Courts have frequently used their supervisory authority to disqualify prosecutors for obtaining materials protected by the attorney-client privilege. (In re Grand Jury Proceedings John Doe #462, 757 F.2d600 Granger v Peyton, 379 F.2d 709, Arnold v. Cargill Inc., No. 01-2086, 2004 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 19381.),” Jarrett writes in reference to the privileged emails illegally obtained by Mueller's Special council. “Statutory law also demands Mueller's removal. Pursuant to 5 C.F.R. 2635.501, government employees, including prosecutors, are directed to 'take appropriate steps to avoid an appearance of loss of impartiality in the performance of his or her official duties.'"

Former Chicago, Illinois Senator and Former President Obama has just recently been exposed to have made a deal with Iran to allow for the cartels and Hezbollah to deal drugs throughout the United States and fund their operations. According to the Politico exposé by Josh Meyer titled “The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the Hook,” Obama made the decision to allow for the Iranian terrorist group Hezbollah to operate as part of what CIA Director Brennan billed as a broader “strategy” to improve Iranian relations by working to assimilate “Hezbollah into Lebanon’s political system” and developing “moderate elements” within Hezbollah.

Translation: Make the terrorists like you by helping them take more power in the region, giving them money and poisoning your own society!

Members of Project Cassandra, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Task force assembled to target drug trafficking by Hezbollah (which was funneling cocaine into the United States as one of their many operations to fund their terrorist activities in the region), said that The Obama administration “blocked or undermined their efforts to go after other top Hezbollah operatives.” They also told Meyer that “administration officials declined to designate Hezbollah a 'significant transnational criminal organization' and blocked other strategic initiatives that would have given the task force additional legal tools, money and manpower to fight it.”

“They said senior Obama administration officials appeared to be alarmed by how far Project Cassandra’s investigations had reached into the leadership of Hezbollah and Iran, and wary of the possible political repercussions,” Meyer writes. “As a result, task force members claim, Project Cassandra was increasingly viewed as a threat to the administration’s efforts to secure a nuclear deal, and the top-secret prisoner swap that was about to be negotiated.”

Nonetheless, after the meeting in Tampa, the administration made it clear that it would not support a RICO case, even though Asher and others say they’d spent years gathering evidence for it, the task force members said.

In addition, the briefings for top White House and Justice Department officials that had been requested by Holder never materialized, task force agents said. (Holder did not respond to requests for comment.) Also, a top intelligence official blocked the inclusion of Project Cassandra’s memo on the Hezbollah drug threat from being included in Obama’s daily threat briefing, they said. And Kelly, Asher and other agents said they stopped getting invitations to interagency meetings, including those of a top Obama transnational crime working group.

That may have been because Obama officials dropped Hezbollah from the formal list of groups targeted by a special White House initiative into transnational organized crime, which in turn effectively eliminated DEA’s broad authority to investigate it overseas, task force members said.

Sounds familiar to the “Strategy” to not use the term “radical Islam” because, as Obama said in his speech to the Press core, magical words don't exist and calling something other than what it is magically is a strategy; because a term that implies distinction and specifically designates a certain, albeit significant, portion of Islam as 'radical', somehow slanders all of those who identify as “Muslims.”

It sounds similar to the strategy implemented under Obama with then Director of the FBI Robert Mueller to alter the procedures for law enforcement and counter terrorism. This effected how New York City surveiled when monitoring Mosques where Imams preaching radical Islamic messages to their followers should not be surveiled because they risk being “islamophobic,” a term concocted by the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a front for the radical Islamist organization Hamas, who the FBI worked with in determining their “strategy” to policing radical Islam.

It sounds similar to the strategy General Flynn said involved a “willful decision” to ignore intelligence of the potential expansion of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. This is thoroughly broken down in the “ISIS Founders” section of part one in the Citizens' Dawn report “The Battle for Boston.”

In fact, that is exactly what Meyer wrote about the Obama administration's actions that sabotaged the dismantling of the entire Hezbollah terrorist network: “willfully blind to the threat.”

“Hezbollah and Iran cultivated alliances with governments along the 'cocaine corridor' from the tip of South America to Mexico, to turn them against the United States,” Meyer writes. “A confidential DEA assessment from that period concluded that Hezbollah’s business affairs entity 'has leveraged relationships with corrupt foreign government officials and transnational criminal actors … creating a network that can be utilized to move metric ton quantities of cocaine, launder drug proceeds on a global scale, and procure weapons and precursors for explosives.'”

Within a few years, Venezuelan cocaine exports skyrocketed from 50 tons a year to 250, much of it bound for American cities, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime statistics show.
And beginning in 2007, DEA agents watched as a commercial jetliner from Venezuela’s state-run Conviasa airline flew from Caracas to Tehran via Damascus, Syria, every week with a cargo-hold full of drugs and cash. They nicknamed it “Aeroterror,” they said, because the return flight often carried weapons and was packed with Hezbollah and Iranian operatives whom the Venezuelan government would provide with fake identities and travel documents on their arrival.

From there, the operatives spread throughout the subcontinent and set up shop in the many recently opened Iranian consulates, businesses and mosques, former Project Cassandra agents said.
But when the Obama administration had opportunities to secure the extradition of two of the biggest players in that conspiracy, it failed to press hard enough to get them extradited to the United States, where they would face charges, task force officials told POLITICO.

One was Syrian-born Venezuelan businessman Walid Makled, alias the “king of kingpins,” who was arrested in Colombia in 2010 on charges of shipping 10 tons of cocaine a month to the United States. While in custody, Makled claimed to have 40 Venezuelan generals on his payroll and evidence implicating dozens of top Venezuelan officials in drug trafficking and other crimes. He pleaded to be sent to New York as a protected, cooperating witness, but Colombia — a staunch U.S. ally — extradited him to Venezuela instead.

The other, retired Venezuelan general and former chief of intelligence Hugo Carvajal, was arrested in Aruba on U.S. drug charges. Carvajal “was the main man between Venezuela and Iran, the Quds force, Hezbollah and the cocaine trafficking,” Kelly said. “If we had gotten our hands on either of them, we could have taken down the entire network.”

The obvious answers to why Chicago would not want Federal law enforcement taking over investigations would likely be out of fear of having any criminal wrong doing by those working within the government being exposed and prosecuted in the process.

That doesn't answer the question of why now make such a bold, desperate move as to call for foreign military to invade the US to stop gang violence, while the City's mayor continues to say that Chicago is a “Trump free Zone.”

Well there are a number of things that have taken place leading up to Boykin's plea, as well as shortly thereafter, which could point to why we've suddenly seen this act of desperation from a city that has suffered from these problems for years on end, and anyone paying attention can make a ruling in the court of public opinion fairly easily.

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(Wednesday, December 20, 2017 -- 9:58 PM EST)

Really comprehensive analysis. It's very fishy that the Commissioner would want to call the UN before calling the National Guard.

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