Putting the 'reason' back into Treason Part 1
Citizen Kane | Saturday, December 31, 2016 -- 3:36 PM EST
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Buckle your seatbelt, because you are about to go for a wild ride!

So apparently treason is now treason against the Fuhrer or, even more appropriately, 'the party' and not against a nation. So just to recap of what has transpired ...

Throughout the entire election the media has colluded with Clinton and her campaign to 'frame the race' and, in effect, paint Trump and his supporters as 'racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, sexist' extremists, while simultaneously criticizing Trump for his divisive rhetoric. This has been extensively documented in the Wikileaks and Project Veritas releases.

While the infamous audio recording of Trump with Billy Bush lewdly chumming it up going on about the crazy things women who throw themselves at them do didn't do Trump and the views he was nominated to represent any favors, his comments were repeatedly and deliberately taken out of context and misconstrued by a plethora of people masquerading as the arbiters of truth within the mainstream news media.

The idea of having borders and enforcing immigration laws has been demonized as racist. Wanting to vet the immigrants and refugees coming from war torn countries known to be a haven to terrorists wishing to attack and undermine the West and its values was portrayed as xenophobic. Largely, the media was very ineffective in getting people educated about the issues and giving them a fair debate, which seemed to be the incumbent democratic party's strategy.

Scapegoating. Enter the Russians! Those pesky Rooskies! According to some, they are responsible for much of the worlds ails, including Hillary Clinton's loss in the presidential primary. Geo-political tensions over the conflict in Syria and Ukraine seemed to spill over to the election.

During one of the debates Clinton brashly floated the claim that it's a 'fact' that seventeen US intelligence agencies confirmed that the Russians were responsible for the hacks at the DNC, which was patently false. But floating distorted interpretations of data was the strategy up until then, why not be consistent? Right?

“Americans don't read into things too much anyways,” said the satirical, cynical Clinton staffer that I just invented who very likely exists. “Stick with the emotional appeal, and we will drill it into their heads in the media.”

As Zero Hedge pointed out, the seventeen intelligence agencies were in fact non-existent and it was in fact one man – a partisan political appointee – who was responsible for the claim, which of course had no evidence and was not brought before the senate intelligence committee.

Wikileaks' Julian Assange even suggested that disgruntled Bernie supporter and DNC staffer Seth Rich was responsible for the leaks. Shortly after Rich was found murdered, Assange tweeted offering a reward for information that could point to who might be responsible for Rich's murder. Later we have Ambassadors coming forward corroborating this assertion, but no outcry; no media buzz.

In an effort to stave off any potential conflict that was developing in Eastern Europe and Syria with various troops maneuvers, Assange has continuously repeated that Russia is not responsible for the leaks as claimed by Clinton, Obama, and a few of their henchmen within the CIA.

Just before Ecuador came to their 'sovereign decision' to put Assange under a gag order and remove Assange's internet access – coincidentally right after a visit from Secretary of State John Kerry to the United Kingdom – Assange confirmed yet again in an interview with John Pilger that, while he absolutely protects the identity of Wikileaks' sources, he can confirm that Russia was not the source of the leaks.

But that wasn't enough to stop the drones in the media from repeating the talking points spoon fed to them by their masters and the Obama administration. Assange would later come out yet again addressing the point in an interview with Sean Hannity, reiterating that Russia was not responsible. Barely a blip on the radar as far as people in the media are concerned. Can I get a 'WTF' yet!?!

The Clinton campaign was continuously put on the defensive throughout the campaign with the steady leaks of the emails that were hacked from her Campaign Chairman John Podesta's gmail account. The emails were certainly not short of pertinent information, which is another topic entirely, however, this particular article is more concerning the Russian hacking claims.

Again, the apparent strategy was to avoid having to address anything contained in those emails, and as the content and their revelations grew more and more damning, the Clinton campaign as well as the Obama administration began to again strike up the narrative that Russian hacking and Russian propaganda was responsible for all of this 'fake news' that was actually covering the contents of the emails released by Wikileaks and what they revealed, which were almost entirely ignored by the high priests of the mainstream media.

And so now, shortly after NATO member state Turkey invaded Syria in an effort to rally the offensive in Aleppo; after the Russian ambassadors – yes that's plural – are murdered; after Russian airliners are mysteriously 'crashing;' the President of Turkey has now threatened to release even more evidence concerning the US involvement in funding and facilitating the ISIS terrorists the Western media has conveniently thrown under the broad label of' Syrian 'rebels' fighting to overthrow the democratically elected President Assad.

Boy am I glad the self-proclaimed 'real news media' is doing such a bang up job of covering all of these developments with a unbiased, contextual frame of reference so people can make informed decisions about electing people about issues important to them and hold said representatives accountable to their promises and so we can understand all of these Russian aggressions.

The threat by President Erdogan of Turkey was reminiscent of the threat made by the Syrian 'rebel' commander with Al-Nusra ties who threatened to expose how the supposed chemical attack by the Syrian President Assad was actually a false flag attack by ISIS terrorists. They too were attempting to blackmail the US and the Obama administration into securing a resupply of armaments for his terrorist affiliates to use in their 'liberation from the oppressive dictator Assad.'

Beyond the partisan issue that US state-sponsored terrorism has become in 2016, we have washed up 'news personality' Kieth Olberman emerge from the shadows in a comical, not so scathing criticism of the deplorable Trump supporters who have gone along with the 'treasonous' election of the Russian agent Donald Trump, and making clear that we are now at war with Russia; that somehow, the Sovereignty of the US has been infringed upon with the overwhelming evidence – that hasn't been presented to anyone in Congress – that Russia was responsible for all of the Wikileaks during the election. The suggestion and implication is that Wikileaks was the sole reason the treasonous Americans treasonously used their democracy to elect Donald Trump and not because some of them might not like the policies being carried out in government by political establishment elites in both the democrat and republican parties. “We are now at war with Russia!”

Meanwhile, back in reality, Saudi Arabia is admittedly the Clinton campaign's largest donor while also laundering money to ISIS; Obama is parading around at the UN talking about relinquishing American sovereignty to the 'international community.' No outrage there. No outcry over what is literally the definition of treason.

These people are nuts. I mean they are literally sociopathic psychos out to start World War III and sacrifice tens of millions, if not billions, of people for their 'Cult' of personality. They've consistently talked about things like making no fly zones over Syria, which is a sovereign country, with the now full backing of the military of their allies Russia and China.

But the people who are treasonous, why its those in 'fake news!' Its the red-hat devils!

They have literally sequentially and ad nauseum tried and failed to do everything that could ACCURATELY be called treason: they facilitated and funded 'protests' to foment unrest following Trump's election in an attempt to justify some draconian measure; after claiming that the election was rigged and having a recount in select states, which was proven false, they even tried to overturn the electors with fake intelligence briefings by the CIA about a Russian plot to install a man who is supposedly a Russian agent whose treasonous policies to make 'America first' will betray American sovereignty.

And now the coup de gras. Just when you thought it couldn't get even more outlandish and bizarre, George Soros, self-proclaimed Nazi collaborator extraordinaire and humanly deficient business magnate, has come out saying that Trump is a would be dictator. He is alarmed about a dictator. Now. After his glorious childhood. Hitler didn't do it for him! The unprecedented executive orders over the past decade didn't do it for him.

No, Trump's promises to have the 'rule of law,' well, that is a sign of a threatening dictator. This is what scares George Soros, and criminals.

Oh my. The man's slogan was 'Make America great again.' The policies he was elected by the country to represent are all about not giving over our sovereignty to international consortiums and multinational corporate conglomerates. He is already in negotiations attempting to bring back jobs to America, which is somehow an indication that he is going to do the opposite of everything he said he was going to do if elected, which is somehow an indication that all along he was a Russian agent.

Oh my word! The absurdity!

Katy Perry took to twitter following the election promising that 'Revolution is coming,' as if her cohort led by her Head Mistress of the Grand Coven and Mother of Darkness Hillary Clinton isn't the absolute establishment in DC and the world; as if she and her crew isn't the political, pedophile establishment that has been running the puppet show for decades. Oops, that's a topic for another article.

Well, I am ready Katy Perry! Get your Kalashnikov and make a new music video; nice and slow-mo while you fire that AK in a bikini.

All these soft people. Laughing is all I can do to stay sane in a world that is absolutely bat-shit crazy. It would be quite sad if I couldn't laugh at it all.

When every time I go to my social circle presenting the evidence of what is happening, very rarely do I even get an affirmation, a like, or a response in general. And it's not like I am overly obnoxious with the content of my posts, at least not all of them. HAHA. Most of the time I just provide a link with no commentary.

With the announcement of having the harbinger's of truth at Snopes deciding what is 'fake news' on facebook, I have to create alternate facebook profiles to see if my posts are even appearing. Granted I know that facebook, along with other social media giants like twitter and reddit, have already done things like blocking links and altering their algorithms to make “certain people's” posts not appear “as much” in people's feeds, but still, where is the absolute outrage?!

When I do get a response its mostly some incensed person shouting me down for being a loon or some kind of extremest who's been brainwashed by fake news.

Are people that brainwashed by the idea of 'teams' that they can't objectively criticize appalling issues and developments without the approval of their thought police overlords? Have they been made that docile by the drugs, poison in the food and water, and propaganda getting them to be focused solely on their own lives. Are people just busy or are they willfully turning a blind eye? I am on a quest for the presence of the proverbial balls on social media, which have apparently been rendered non-existent thanks to political correctness and the egotized fear of what others might think.

That is what's treasonous.

I literally am just going over everything and, as an informed person, I just can't help but look at everything that is happening and just sit back in awe. How has the press so passively gone along with this?

Just last night I was watching some news anchor get berated by one of his guests for carrying water for the Russians when he wanted evidence. God forbid we have Congress actually declare a war or anything. God forbid we have a country that operates how it was intended. That is treasonous!

Of course he allowed the bully to go off, essentially screaming over him about the nonexistent seventeen US intelligence agencies and didn't just school his ass with facts. Why?

“He had to be fair to his other guest. He didn't remember specifics off hand. He had to squeeze in something before the commercial break.”

Fine I get it. But just look how the strategy is to completely misrepresent facts and information and manipulate perception for their own political purposes. It is the dictionary definition of propaganda.

I mean, they are going around actually actually citing false reports, the FBI has come forward confirming no evidence. Head of the Congressional Intelligence Committee Representative Ron Johnson has come forward and pointed out how disappointing it is “that the CIA would provide information on this issue to the Washington Post and NBC but will not provide information to elected members of Congress" and his intelligence committee.

If you can't put two and tow together, it's because they are trying to start a war without getting Congress' approval; they are trying to justify overthrowing the democratic election; they are trying to sew seeds of doubt in the integrity of our elections to and give people like Obama and Clinton some fodder that they can misrepresent.

After all of this, Obama, Hillary Clinton and their fellow globalist minions still insist on propagating the false narrative of Russian hacking continually citing evidence and insinuating consensus in the intelligence community that DOES NOT EXIST. They are literally trying to give the impetus to overthrow our democracy and start World War III.

Nope. No treason there.

Still they persist, desperately flailing their arms around like a hyena caught in the jaws of a lion. Even after homeland security was conjured and caught in the act of hacking government offices in Georgia, they still summoned the agency's 'evidence' without any actual evidence of Russian hacking.

Then Kieth Olberman and his ilk, after getting in my face the entire election and trying to illegitimize everything that Donald trump has purported to represent by calling his detractors ignorant disenfranchised racists, have the gall to get in my face AGAIN and shout me – as in the group with which I can be identified with – down as a treasonous Russian agent. As if everything they are attempting to do is not treasonous. #Gaslighting

I am awe struck. I am practically speechless! Practically...

They lost the election. Why are they so doggedly trying to provoke a conflict rather than wait four years to win the next election?

Well, enter the topic of #pizzagate and the Podesta emails that, with the help of 'anonymous internet sleuths,' have pieced together and revealed to the public what amounts to a criminal enterprise in the public and private sectors facilitating what are actually treasonous activities by politicians. The genie is out of the bottle, and they are shitting their pants. All of this I will detail in a subsequent article.

If the famous quotes from Bush, Kissinger, and Rockefeller wasn't enough to confirm for everyone that there are a group of people who are actively trying to establish a global government known as the 'New World Order' and literally undermine the national sovereignty of many countries, including the US, then George Soros has now made it abundantly clear for everyone when he said that Trump poses a threat to the New World Order. You think this is about democracy or even a republic for that matter? You feel included? You think you're with her'?

Agenda 2030 is literally about the depopulation of the planet, and using poverty to control you and make you ignorant of the world; it's about corralling people into giant concentration camps dubbed 'urban population centers' for the supposed purpose of saving the planet. Did you know about it? Did you have an informed opinion to elect someone to represent you on this issue?

There has literally been a campaign to overthrow governments in the middle east – many democratic ones – and replace them with literal authoritarian regimes run by organizations akin to ISIS just like there has been in Syria and Ukraine. Because why? Because we want to restore democracy? What the hell? The people were democratically elected. Oh, the elections were rigged? Like how Russia hacked our elections and rigged ours? Or, was it because people don't literally commit treason.

To be continued...

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