The Electoral College: Here to Stay
Workingman | Sunday, October 8, 2017 -- 7:24 PM EDT
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Why we use the Electoral College - Why it's not changing

The Electoral College – Here to Stay

After the presidential election of 2016 the crybabies came out complaining that Hillary had secured more than a 3+ million popular vote advantage. As usual the Democrat media and political operatives don’t like the rules and don’t want to follow them just like they don’t want to follow the rules of law in all facets of immigration enforcement. This crowd would also like to have all aliens, legal and illegal, be able to vote.

The fact is that the Electoral College has been in effect since the beginning when our Founding Fathers created the Constitution. They debated at length how the President would be elected and feared both a Federal control of the national election and also control by a few of the most populated states. Back then there was concern that Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts would control the election through their populations and limit the voice of the smaller states. Ratification of the Constitution by all the 13 states included the Electoral College form of voting based on a state’s representation in Congress.

To earn all the electoral votes of each state, the Presidential candidates have to pay attention to all the states. As we saw in the recent election, Hillary spent little time in the upper Midwest and as a result did not earn the support of those voters. Donald Trump campaigned vigorously in those states. This could be a critical factor in Hillary Clinton’s loss. Now we hear calls by the losers to change the rules. They would rather change the voting rules in the Constitution and encourage illegal voting by aliens than change their message on policies to appeal to American voters.

At the end of the day the Electoral College isn’t going anywhere. It would require Congress, using the same method that was used for all 27 Amendments, to pass an Amendment by a two thirds vote and send it to the states for an approval by three quarters of the states. The smaller populated states are not going to vote against themselves. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant! The Electoral College is here to stay.

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(Sunday, October 8, 2017 -- 8:20 PM EDT)

Very reasoned and informative! Great link too!

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