'Press freedom has its limits' Juncker attacks British media
Westmonster | Wednesday, November 7, 2018 -- 9:46 PM EST
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As President Trump is attacked as being a dictator and Hitler incarnate for pointing out fake news the leader of the EU President Juncker, whose family is heir to the Nazi looting of Europe, is lecturing Britain about it's free press.

***Article first published by 'Westmonster' on Oct. 6, 2018***

Jean Claude Juncker has urged limits to press freedom after criticising the British media.

He accused British newspapers of failing to “respect the human rights of political actors at all.

“Press freedom also has its limits … One should not bring people in privacy in distress.”

He also said: “The British press is such that I will not miss it.”

Juncker went on to say that David Cameron had blocked him campaigning in the EU referendum and that this was a mistake: “I regret that the commission did not want to do it, because that was the British wish.”

The European Commission President has been criticised for appearing drunk at a Nato summit and for attempting to intervene in other countries domestic matters.

Jean Claude Juncker’s comments come after a European Commissioner called for “smart regulation” against the media whilst citing a Sun frontpage calling the EU ‘dirty rats’.

Juncker’s stark warning about “press freedom” is a worrying sign the EU superstate may be about to clamp down on media who criticise EU politicians.

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